Mazhar Iqbal

Selected Scholarly/Creative Work

  • Iqbal, M., Nadeem, A., Najam, T., Qureshi, K.R., Siddique, W. and Khan, R., 2019. Piping stress analysis of safety injection system of typical PWR power reactor. Atw. atw - International Journal for Nuclear Power, 64(2), pp.91-94.
  • Riaz, A., Shah, A., Basit, A. and Iqbal, M., 2019, January. Experimental Study of Laminar Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Slender Circular Cylinder in Air Quiescent Medium. In 2019 16th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST) (pp. 719-724). IEEE.
  • A. Ullah, K. Waheed, R. Nawaz, W. Siddique, M. Iqbal, Fabrication of Aluminum Based Lab-scale Cross Flow Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger, Proc. of Pak-Turk International Conference on Emerging Technologies in the Field of Sciences & Engineering 2019, GIK Topi, Pakistan.

Courses Taught

  • [ME-206] Fluid Mechanics-1
  • [ME-412] Internal Combustion Engines
  • [ME-422] Automotive Technology
  • [ME-307L] Manufacturing Processes Lab
  • [ME-405L] Mechanical Vibrations Lab
  • [ME-198] Engineering Mechanics