Engineering Drawing Hall


Drawing hall of DME is used by bachelor students of all engineering programs for practice of engineering drawing.

Course Learning Outcomes

Sr. # CLO Statement Domain Level PLO
1 APPLY the concepts of basic drawing techniques Psychomotor 3 1
2 DRAW projections of mechanical components Psychomotor 3 1
3 Clearly CONSTRUCT / SKETCH projections of various
mechanical components
Psychomotor 4 1
4 COMMUNICATE the activity and its main points through different media such a written, verbal etc. Affective 2 10

Rubrics for Evaluation

Sr.No Assesment Criteria Excellent  (4) Good (3) Average (2) Poor  (1)
1. APPLY Basic Drawing Techniques (Psychomotor) Applies concepts with exceptional skill, accuracy, and consistency. Demonstrates a good grasp of basic drawing techniques with mostly accurate application. Shows some understanding, but application may lack consistency. Minimal proficiency with often inaccurate application of basic drawing techniques.
2. DRAW Mechanical Projections (Psychomotor) Draws projections with precision, completeness, and clear representation of key details and features. Draws projections with overall accuracy, depicting most key details and features. Draws projections with some accuracy, but key details may be unclear or omitted. Struggles to accurately draw projections, with many details missing or misrepresented.
3. CONSTRUCT/SKETCH Mechanical Projections (Psychomotor) Constructs/sketches with exceptional clarity and detail, providing a clear representation. Constructs/sketches with good clarity and detail, presenting a mostly clear representation. Constructs/sketches with some clarity and detail, but some aspects may be unclear or missing Struggles to construct/sketch with clarity and detail, with many aspects unclear or missing.
4. COMMUNICATE Through Different Media (Affective) Effectively communicates the activity and main points through various media, ensuring clarity. Communicates the activity well through various media, with mostly clear main points. Communicates the activity adequately, but some aspects may be unclear. Communicates the activity poorly, with main points often unclear or misrepresented.