The Department has the following laboratories encompassing and enriching the range of academic disciplines in which it has qualified faculty: A brief introduction to the facilities in each laboratory is presented in the following paragraphs:

Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Lab


This lab of Department of Mechanical Engineering has multiple apparatuses for giving a hand on experience to students of bachelors of mechanical engineering in the fields of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and Refrigeration & Air conditioning. The apparatuses available here are:

  1. Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus
  2. Centrifugal Pump Test Bench
  3. Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus
  4. Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
  5. Fluid Circuit Friction Apparatus
  6. Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
  7. Impact of Jet Apparatus
  8. Thermal Conduction System
  9. Metacentric Height Apparatus
  10. Multi Pump Test Rig
  11. Multi Turbine Test Set
  12. Pelton Wheel Apparatus
  13. Thermal Radiation Apparatus
  14. Reynolds Number Apparatus
  15. Subsonic Wind Tunnel
  16. Cooling Tower
  17. Film & Drop wise Condensation Apparatus
  18. Free & forced Convection Apparatus
  19. Basic Refrigeration Trainer compression type
  20. Basic refrigeration Trainer Absorption Type
  21. HVAC air conditioning lab unit with chamber
  22. Heat Pump air to water
  23. Recirculation air Conditioning Unit

Mechanics of Materials Lab

Mechanics of Materials Lab provides an opportunity to students of BSME to experiment on following apparatuses:

  1. Curved Bar bending apparatus
  2. Apparatus to study torsion in rods & tubes
  3. Overhanging beam
  4. Truss Analysis apparatus
  5. Strut Buckling Apparatus
  6. Virtual Work Apparatus
  7. Creep testing machine
  8. Shear Force and bending Moment Apparatus
  9. Beams Deflection apparatus
  10. Data Acquisition System
  11. Set of pre-gauged beams
  12. Strain Gauge Simulator
  13. Thin Cylinder apparatus
  14. Thick Cylinder apparatus
  15. Torsional testing machine

Engineering Mechanics Lab


Engineering Mechanics (Statics + Dynamics) Labs of DME have multiple apparatuses for experimentation by Engineering students of not only Mechanical but also other programs. Apparatuses available in this lab are:

  1. Helical spring study apparatus
  2. Belt friction apparatus
  3. Beam reaction apparatus
  4. Angular & linear speed study apparatus
  5. Simple wheel and axle apparatus
  6. Simple screw jack
  7. Flywheel apparatus
  8. Tie & jib crane
  9. Toggle joint
  10. Inclined plane
  11. Sliding friction apparatus
  12. Coplanar forces apparatus

Mechanics of Machines Lab

Experimental apparatuses available at Mechanics of Machines Lab of DME are:

  1. Worm and worm wheel apparatus
  2. Duplex (square & V) screw jack
  3. Slider crank mechanism
  4. 4-Bar Mechanism
  5. Slotted Link Mechanism
  6. Cam & Follower Mechanism
  7. Compound Gear Train
  8. Epicyclic Gear Train
  9. Hooke’s Universal Joint
  10. Static & Dynamic Balancing Machine
  11. Cam Dynamics Machine
  12. 4-bar Mechanism Dynamics Machine

Computational Mechanics Lab


Department of Mechanical Engineering has state of the art computers available in CML to aid computational research performed by students of BS, MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering Drawing Hall

Drawing hall of DME is used by bachelor students of all engineering programs for practice of engineering drawing.


Thermodynamics Lab


Thermodynamics Lab of DME offers following experimental apparatuses for students of multiple engineering disciplines:

  1. 4-stroke petrol engine model
  2. 2-stroke petrol engine model
  3. Steam engine model
  4. Wankel (rotary) engine model
  5. Marcet boiler
  6. Stirling Cycle Engine
  7. Engine Test Bed
  8. Diesel Engine
  9. Gasoline Engine
  10. Exhaust gas Calorimeter
  11. Vapor power plant
  12. Perfect Gas Law Apparatus
  13. Change of State of Gas
  14. Air + Water Heat Pump
  15. Recycle Loop Trainer

Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

This lab of DME provides a hands-on experience to students of BSME in the field of measurement and instrumentation. The apparatuses available in this lab are:

  1. Temperature Measuring Unit
  2. Pressure Calibration Bench
  3. Vernier calipers
  4. Bore Gauge
  5. Dial Gauges
  6. Gear tooth Gauges
  7. Feeler Gauges
  8. Thread Gauges
  9. Beval Protectors
  10. Snap Gauges
  11. Inside Caliper
  12. Outside Caliper
  13. Go Not Go gauge
  14. Digital Tachometer
  15. Outside Micrometers
  16. Block Gauge
  17. Height Gauge
  18. Inside Micrometer
  19. Depth Gauge

Mechanical Vibrations Lab

Experimental apparatuses present in mechanical vibrations lab include:

  1. Vibration Analyzer
  2. Pendulum Apparatus
  3. Mass Spring System Apparatus
  4. Torsional Spring Vibration Apparatus
  5. Torsional Wire Vibration Apparatus
  6. Simply Supported Beam Vibration Apparatus
  7. Cantilever Beam Vibration Apparatus
  8. Electrodynamic Shaker
  9. Electromechanical Exciters
mechanical vibration lab


Workshops at DME

Department of Mechanical Engineering has well equipped workshops that are helpful in projects of BS, MS and PhD programs as well as workshop practice of all engineering programs of PIEAS. DME has following workshops:

  1. Machine workshop
  2. Wood workshop
  3. Fitting workshop
  4. Smithy workshop
  5. Welding workshop

3D Printing Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering has well equipped 3D printing Lab that are helpful in projects of BS, MS and PhD programs