Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Lab


Lab CLOs

Sr. # CLO Statement Domain Level PLO
1 DISPLAY basic proficiency in operation of the apparatus and PERFORM the experiment to determine the solution of the engineering problems related to the subject. Psychomotor 4 4
2 Communicate the learned concepts using different media i.e., verbal and written. Affective 2 10
3 Manifest the professional responsibilities and norms of engineering practice. Affective 3 8

This lab of Department of Mechanical Engineering has multiple apparatuses for giving a hand on experience to students of bachelors of mechanical engineering in the fields of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and Refrigeration & Air conditioning. The apparatuses available here are:

  1. Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus
  2. Centrifugal Pump Test Bench
  3. Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus
  4. Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
  5. Fluid Circuit Friction Apparatus
  6. Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
  7. Impact of Jet Apparatus
  8. Thermal Conduction System
  9. Metacentric Height Apparatus
  10. Multi Pump Test Rig
  11. Multi Turbine Test Set
  12. Pelton Wheel Apparatus
  13. Thermal Radiation Apparatus
  14. Reynolds Number Apparatus
  15. Subsonic Wind Tunnel
  16. Cooling Tower
  17. Film & Drop wise Condensation Apparatus
  18. Free & forced Convection Apparatus
  19. Basic Refrigeration Trainer compression type
  20. Basic refrigeration Trainer Absorption Type
  21. HVAC air conditioning lab unit with chamber
  22. Heat Pump air to water
  23. Recirculation air Conditioning Unit

Lab Rubrics

CLOs Criteria Poor (0 to 4) Satisfactory (5-6) Good (7-8) Excellent (9-10)
CLO-1 Apparatus Handling, Experiment Performance and Calculations No knowledge of apparatus, experiment not performed, nor any calculations done Knows basic operation of the apparatus, performed the experiment with major errors in calculations Can handle the apparatus well, experiment completely performed, and calculations have few mistakes Fully understands the complete operation of the apparatus, experiment performed, and all calculations are correct
Planning and Execution of an Experiment [OEL] Experiment not planned for proper execution Experiment planned but not executed properly Experiment planned and executed but slight omissions Experiment correctly planned and executed
CLO-2 Communication [Report] Report neither covers technical details of experiment nor according to format Correct report submitted according to format but not covering essential technical details Report well written technically but format not completely followed / slight mistakes Well-composed flawless report covering technical aspects of experiment
Communication [Viva] Either does not understand or cannot communicate concepts related to experiment Understands the concepts related to experiment but does not communicate in technical terms Understands and able to communicate the learned concepts but with slight mistakes Fully understands all the concepts and can express them technically
CLO-3 Punctuality, Teamwork and Safety Arrives too late for experiment with disregard to teamwork or safety Arrives little late for experiment, somewhat adheres to teamwork and safety Punctual but slightly lacking in teamwork and safety consciousness Punctual, works as a team and adheres to safety instructions

Laboratory Manuals

ME-301L Fluid Mechanics Lab Manual

ME-409 Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Manual